Regional Health Partners offers a treatment program for assisted recovery from narcotic addiction as well as nicotine, sedative and alcohol dependence in the privacy and convenience of an office setting.  Our medical doctors take a multi-faceted approach to the treatment of addiction:

  1. Proven pharmacological treatment for the relief of physical withdrawal symptoms and reduction of cravings;
  2. Psychosocial treatment to help patients develop techniques to achieve and sustain their sobriety; and
  3. Inclusion of family members as part of the team involved in the patient’s recovery process.
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is provided.  CBT is like a course on how to better cope with our emotions born from our automatic thoughts.  The emphasis is on learning and practicing new skills.

Our doctors strongly believe that addiction is primarily a health condition and not a character flaw. We are committed to helping our patients overcome their substance abuse and lead productive and fulfilling lives.