Virginia Community Services Board

We understand that not everyone can afford the cost of office visits. Here is a list of free services through the Virginia Community Services Board. The Board’s services are based on income, and often there is a wait, but they may be contacted for further guidance. Learn more


The Here-to-Help Program is a support program provided by the manufacturers of Suboxone. This program provides patients with ongoing support and invaluable resources to assist in recovery from opioid addiction. Learn more

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Attending NA Meetings is recommended for patients recovering from narcotic dependence and addiction. The best way to locate a meeting is by contacting your local helplines and accessing websites which have up-to-date information regarding meetings in your area. Upon entering the Narcotics Anonymous site, click on Option #1: Search Using Local Helplines and Websites. Learn more.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Attending AA meetings is strongly recommended for patients recovering from alcohol dependence and addiction. The sites below will assist in finding a meeting near you.

Maryland AA Meeting Locator
Virginia AA Meeting Locator
Washington DC Meeting Locator
West Virginia Meeting Locator

Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Psychologists (also called therapists or counselors) and psychiatrists can play a vital role in your recovery.

Psychologists are mental health professionals who help patients explore emotional and psychological issues that may have been at the root of their addiction. They also help patients develop healthy coping skills in order to get rid of the triggers often present among substance abusers.

Psychiatrists are physicians specialized in mental health. They are trained to diagnose and treat behavior health problems such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, bipolar disorders and other conditions commonly found in patients suffering from substance abuse.

Our addiction medicine physicians encourage communication between the various mental health professionals and believe that team work leads to a better outcome in your care. They will discuss with you the optimal way to work on developing coping skills and techniques to handle stress. They will also provide material on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the best way to find the clinical psychologist that will guide you in that process.

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Find a Psychiatrist near you

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